Sunday, January 27, 2013

1st Letter

Dear Family,
I will try my best to tell you guys as much as I can, but I am only given 30 min on the computer so its kinda hard. I spent alot of time on my knees praying to my Heavenly Father to try to find strength and joy in the MTC, and the purpose of the MTC. And I recieved that answer on Friday, which has easily been one of the most spirit feeled days of my life, and a real eye opener for me. I quickly realized the purpose of the first two days was to help give me, and other missionaries the Christlike attribute of hummility, it helped me to realize that I still have so much to learn about this gospel. So I now go forward with that feeling that I need to learn and grow each and everyday here and that im experiencing these things in the MTC for a reason. Another thing that happened yesterday that really helped strengthen my testimony was me and my companion Elder Taylor (from San Diego) had our first mock teaching with an investigator, and it was really special, I felt myself teaching by the spirit and me and my companion really grew closer during that experience. Then after that we had study time that we were able to do as a district that was very spiritual and powerful for me. I LOVE MY DISTRICT!! It is amazing how strong their testimony is and I learn and grow from them everytime they speak. We shared alot of personal stories that helped us grow to be a tight nit group as a district. Oh yeah and Chelsea, Elder Haskell is in my district and in my room, he says that he isnt sure who your family is, but he said that his mom taught cheerleading in Ely. Yeah Dad yesterday the ice was horrible, but it was really funny too, people were slipping and falling right and left. They posted a sign that said "Dont slide on the Ice, you will slip and break your arm and leg" ha we thought that was funny, but then we latter found out that someone actually sliped and got a concusion and broke his arm and leg. (that stinks for sure)..... I was so happy to recieve all of your guys letters it really was great to hear from you. I love you all and you are all such an inspiration to me to strive to become better. Please continue to send me dear Elders cause I can recieve them everyday. Even if you just talk about your day, its just good to hear from you guys!!! Please tell Grandma and Grandpa Hi, and let Grandma know that I think I found her evil instructors that she had!! 

I love you all!! please pray for me as i pray for you!!
Elder barrus

Friday, January 25, 2013

Departure to the MTC

Nic got set apart Tuesday at 9:00 pm. It was a nice meeting with President Biddulph. We all bore our testimonies and President Biddulph gave Nic advice and a little message. The blessing was really nice and he talked about a lot of important things for both Nic and all of us to remember. I think it helped everyone feel calm.

Wednesday, January 23rd, was the big day and we left around 7 to get there at a good time. He had to be at the MTC at 12:30. I think Nic was anxious, yet nervous, but we finally made it to Provo. We stopped at In-and-Out to eat and see Spencer. There were a lot of missionaries that came in with their families, and we knew they were in the same boat as us. 

We drove up to the temple to take pictures since we knew it would be a fast drop off.

We drove up to the MTC and it was a quick drop off! The missionaries were standing outside of the building ready to take new missionaries. We all gave Nic a quick hug and then before we knew it, he was off! 

Nic's Farewell

Nic's farewell was January 20, 2013. He gave a great talk and really brought the spirit to sacrament meeting. It was easy to tell how great of a missionary he will be. A lot of family and friends from out of town were able to support him and I know he was really grateful.

Nic's high school friends
The family minus Zac and Chels family. We were glad they heard his talk by using Facetime
Proud parents