Friday, July 26, 2013

27th Letter: "Familia!! :)"

Well I blinked and here I am again writing to the best family in the world!! Seriously it is so crazy how fast these weeks are going by!! But I just want to thank everyone again for the time that you take out of your busy lives to write me, I really appreciate it and I really need it!! I love being able to read your emails and find out how you are doing. It is amazing how much of an emotional boost that gives me to keep going, by just hearing that you guys are doing good!! :) SO THANK YOU!! Anyways I have been doing really really good!! I just keep moving forward with faith and in love for this marvelous work!! SO an update for this last week lets see....
So I found out that instead of putting in two sets of missionaries in Socorro they only put one and it is a set of sisters!!! OH no huh?! ha Yeah they have nicknamed me "Relief Society President" and out district the "triple date district"...... It will be interesting, but I think it is just what Socorro needs. The Elders there had no success really, a lot to deal with their attitude towards the work, so I think this will really benefit the area with the change. Both of the sisters seem to be pretty hard working too.
Also found out that I will be in Alamo and DL for another 6 weeks!! Which makes me happy!! Figured I was staying, but still you never know until you get the phone call.
So I most humbly say that my district meeting last week with the AP's was the bomb!! Ha it went really well, I was pretty nervous going into it cause I didn't want to embarrass myself, so I was desperately praying for the spirits help!! And it truly was there!! I did it on the Doctrine of Christ, amazing topic. I printed off Elder Christoffersons talk titled the Doctrine of Christ from April 2012 conf. and we went through it together. And now this week President Miller is coming to DM.... I cant catch a break!! I'm going to be doing it on: "Developing the attitude/ willingness to change as a missionary and on "Relying on the Spirit" I am actually pretty excited for it as I have been preparing for it!!
As far as the work is concerned out here in Alamo... things are going great! We taught 38 lessons last week and had 5 new investigators, 6 investigators at church... And I am hoping for 5 baptisms in August. With Savannah Secatero starting us off on the 3rd. Ha she is getting her marriage license on the 1st (when she gets paid) and married that night by President Stephens... then the baptism 2 days later!! AH they can never be easy, but they are always worth it. Getting her baptized has been one of my goals before I leave Alamo. She has been an investigator for 5 years....
Well my tie burning experience last night was a success!! ha I never thought that the day would come!! I will send home my SD card probably tomorrow. Its funny the first picture on the card is of Elder Lish burning his 6 month tie and the last one on the card is of me burning mine! :)
Well I best be going. Know that I love you so much family!! Your the greatest!! Thanks for all that you do!!
Love Elder Barrus
"Till I blink again"
Scripture: Ether 12:27 "If men come unto me...."

Friday, July 19, 2013

26th Letter: "ANYBODY have a tie I can burn?! ;)"

Dear Family,
Hey everyone here I am again.... its so weird how fast these weeks go by, I swear I was just sitting here!! I have been doing great though! It has been kind of a roller coaster ride transfer and it seems as though I am back on the way up! I just hope It stays up there this time. District Meetings have been going really good even though they have been kind of stressed me out because my last week I had the ZL's at it and this week I have the AP's and President and Sister Miller coming!! So I am going to try super hard to make it a good one! It is on the Doctrine of Christ so a pretty amazing topic, I hope I give it justice. I have really enjoyed being District Leader, it has been a lot of extra work, but the Lord has definitely blessed me in return. So this last week.... hmm
So last Wednesday I had my interview with President, and it went great. He is super awesome!! Super funny guy that is definitely a man of God. Ha he gave the AP's his credit card and told them to go get the nicest up to date Ipad that they could get!! That is just the type of guy that he is!! 
Savannah and Ronnie saga is on going.... has made me exhausted, Ronnie I don't think will ever be able to change because his brain is so fried, but Savannah is really progressing!! She has changed a ton lately and wants to get baptized so bad! She is going to the court house tomorrow to get a marriage license and then she can make her baptism date of August 3rd.
Vince, Flora and Clarina are progressing as well and look good to be baptized in the near future. They have been coming to church, the only thing that has been holding us back from getting them in the water is actually being able to teach them! They are never home!! :(
We had a great morning this morning as we went and saw one of our investigators Scott Apachito, we had a solid Plan of Salvation lesson with him and set a baptism date in August. The work is really starting to progress here in Alamo. As I am feeling more confident with the baptism dates that we have set!! I thank God for the success that he is putting before us. 
Oh and Sunday went amazing!! Anita and Norna gave the 2 best talks that I have heard since I have been in Alamo. They have amazing testimonies that I have ever heard!! I couldn't help but smile during their talks. That is what makes a missionary smile, is seeing your converts up saying how much this gospel has blessed and changed my life!! Hilbert received the Aaronic priesthood as well which was just a cherry on top!! :)
Thanks to all for the emails this week!! I love you guys more than you can even know!! This gospel is true, it is what brings us true "peace" and happiness!!! 
Love Elder Barrus
Scripture: Alma 29:13

25th Letter: "RAIN!! :)"

Dear Family,
Man it has been a good week!! It went by super fast I cant believe I am already here again writing you guys!! I need to do a better job keeping tabs of all the crazy stuff that goes on during the week so that I can have better letters home!! Because there is a ton that goes on in a week, and it is hard for me to soak in everything, let alone remember it!! Alamo is driving me crazy haha I just shake my head some times during the day. I literally am amazed everyday with how some people live and the mindsets that they have. Ugh I never thought the world was this bad until I came out on my mission!! I have faith that the Navajo culture can stay alive, but I also doubt a lot....plain and simple this younger generation is....CRAP!!! They have no sense of morals whatsoever and have never worked a day in their lives!! It is super sad the only thing that they care about is drugs!! Ha there is a gang here in Alamo and their name is by far the stupidest gang name I have ever heard!! Even worse than "Brown Pride" in Aberdeen. It is ICP "Insane Clown Posse"..... wow the least you could do is come up with a cool name!! Well anyways I have been doing really good though haha there still are a lot of really good people in Alamo especially in the older generation. It just makes me sad so I vent about it sometimes!!
So the new President Miller is the bomb!! I already know that I am going to love to work with him!! He is all about finding new investigators by contacting people on the streets! Its crazy I didn't know that before the mission presidents come out to the field that they are trained for a week straight from the first presidency and quorum of the twelve!! So he is kind of on a spiritual high right now! He knows that now more than ever there needs to be a big push for missionary work and that the Lord is preparing so many of his children to receive His gospel. I am just super excited to be able to work with President Miller he is a younger mission president 56 I think. And is very lively and loves to laugh!! I think we will get along just fine! Sports fan too!! Yeah so we have to go to ABQ today for the trainer trainee meeting and then afterwards we have our first interview with President. So its going to be a long day. We have 2 apt tonight back here in Alamo too.
So the investigators that are looking the most promising for baptism coming up are Vince Abeyta and Flora Abeyta. Vince is probably in his upper 30's.... lets say it bluntly he was a jerk for the first 3 transfers that I was here. Always drunk and flipping us off. And would never let us come over to see Flora. But he came to church randomly one Sunday all repentant and saying he wants to change his life. Told us that he has been off alcohol for 3 weeks and said he wants us to teach him. So we went over and taught him, committed him and Flora to baptism and Vince is just loving everything we are telling him. So July 20thshould be their baptism!!
So the Ronnie and Savannah saga continues............ shake my head..... both of them have drove me up the wall!! Both of their minds are permafried, I pray that one day both of them can totally get off of drugs and live a happy life, but I don't think they have the mental capacity to do it! So since the last time they had the desire to change, remember back in May when we had the crazy experience over at their house. They got back on drugs and all that goes with that. SO we go over to their place on Sunday and right when we pull up Ronnie is freaking out trying to hold Sierra (their 6yr old daughter) telling us that she is possessed when she isn't at all!! She was just trying to get attention by sucking on her thumb and wouldn't stop. Ronnie was trying to put the bible in her hands and he dropped it, and was like "look it she just threw the bible!!!" ha no Ronnie... you dropped the bible. Ah anyways we calmed Sierra down by telling her to give us a high five! ha and then started to talk to Savannah on the couch while. Ronnie decides to take off his shirt and go outside with his Book of Mormon while it is a crazy thunderstorm monsoon and starts crying to the Lord..... Just picture this in your mind.... that is what I deal with out here. And so we are consoling Savannah we get her to give up all of her drugs, she gave us a bong and another thing that we crushed up and threw away. Meanwhile Ronnie comes back in just delusional crying pleading to the Lord. He talks for about an hour like that we are just sitting there. Savannah goes and kneels down by him and they start telling each other how much they love each other and start making out... To make it worse Ronnie has a gallon of snot running down his face while they are kissing.... We get them to stop and give both of them a blessing and some council... again! But since Sunday things have gotten kind of crazy again... super long story, but thought you guys might like to hear it haha
On a good not though Hilbert is getting the Aaronic priesthood on Sunday!! I gave him one of my white shirts and a couple of ties!! And Norna, Anita and Terrie are all talking in Sacrement meeting on Sunday as well!! Definitely going to be a blessed day!! I cant wait!! :) We have been helping all of them with their talks, it is going to be great!!
So Angelita, Anita's daughter made me a legit Navajo rug made out of the sheep fur that we just sheered. It is awesome!! I couldn't believe it when she handed it to me!! It is easily worth $1000. It will be something that I will cherish for the rest of my life. And Anita told me that she is making me one as well. Man I love that family!! Angelita calls me her brother and Anita calls me her son haha!
So for P-days we are still going on our usual hikes!! I love it, it gives me an opportunity to kind of put everything behind me and to just relax, and enjoy the outdoors! The Crofts have meant so much to me as well throughout my mission, they do a lot for us!! It is great to be able to spend those hikes with them.
Well I better be off to ABQ, but I love and miss all of you guys!! Thanks for your continual prayers for me and for the work!! Take Care and have a good busy week!!
Love Elder Barrus
Scripture: Fulfilled prophecy!! I love preaching the gospel to the Lamanites!! Enos 1:15-16 15 Wherefore, I knowing that the Lord God was able to preserve our records, I cried unto him continually, for he had said unto me: Whatsoever thing ye shall ask in faith, believing that ye shall receive in the name of Christ, ye shall receive it.
 16 And I had faith, and I did cry unto God that he would preserve the records; and he covenanted with me that he would bring them forth unto the Lamanites in his own due time.

24th Letter: "Hey!!! President Miller Jr."

Dear Family,
Hey Family guess what it is July!! Must be a joke right? Man it is impossible for me to keep track of time out here on the mission. I guess when you are just constantly busy that is how it goes. Ever since I have had more responsibilities it seems that I never even have time to look at the watch to see what time it is let alone what day it is! Its a good thing though. Well I think everyone is doing pretty well as far as I know! I have only been out for 5 months and the quality of your guys letters are dropping ha except for Tiff and Mom. You guys must not have anything really to tell me. No news is good news I guess. But I enjoy talking to you guys while I am on though, I just don't know what to talk about, and you guys don't either I don't think ha That's how it goes I guess. I know you guys have been really busy though so I understand. :) Cause I have been too.
Well what has been new in my mission life.... lets see. Well we are teaching more lessons that we ever have upper 30's and we are finding those that the Lord is preparing for us everyday! I think I told you guys last week about Cindy Garcia and her family! I am super excited to teach them the gospel. She has a 11 year old daughter that is a genius and super nice! She would go on a mission if she could! Pray for them! I really want them to receive the joys of the gospel. 
Other than all that we met the new President Miller yesterday and man is he a stud!! I love the old President Miller a ton he was the man too and taught me so much. But this Miller has a bounce in his step and loves to laugh!! He was cracking jokes throughout the whole meeting and has a great spirit about him!! Definitely a man of God. New Sister Miller was super nice too, her smile radiated and it would make you smile just looking at it ha I am super excited to work with them!!
Also I was blessed with one of the greatest blessings of my mission this last week as we found out that we are aloud to go to the wellness center in Alamo!! It is way nice and has a basketball court and weight room!! Plus it is free!! Since I have been here I have been told that it was Navajo only but I guess not they welcomed us pretty good!! I will have to get back in the basketball grove of things on P-days! Also a great way to find new investigators.
Well I am doing great!! I'm loving life and have enjoyed training Elder Gibson. I have been teaching him everything that I know which isn't much but hopefully it is enough!! No but we are doing great.
Hope you guys all have a wonderful 4th of July!! Navajos don't really celebrate it because we kinda stole their freedom!! It was kind of awkward on Sunday when we sung all of the patriotic songs. Lets just say none of the Navajos sang! Still a little bitter. Anyways Love you all!!
Elder Barrus
Scripture: Jacob 5:72 story of the vineyard.... I love it, I finally understood it for the first time this last Thursday at Scripture Study. I love this verse because it says that the Lord will go down into the vineyard with his servants (missionaries) this last time to prune the vineyard! And he truly is I see it everyday!!