Wednesday, December 31, 2014

105th Letter: "Last Email home..."

Dear Family,
Well I plan on keeping this email short and sweet, for the fact that I will be talking to you on Thursday, and I will be seeing you in person on Saturday! :) I will probably be giving you a phone call on Thursday around 12pm-1pm to set up google plus. I hope you all have a great Christmas! We will be having a great Navajo Christmas, we will be having a feast over at Anitas with all of her family after we Skype home. And we will be eating at the Magdalena fire station with all of the people in Magdalena that doesn't have a dinner with their families. I am excited! I cant wait to share with you all of the amazing experiences that we have been having out here in Alamo, the work is going amazing!
I have been feeling extremely humbled as I realize that I am in the final days of my mission, what an incredibly 2 years it has been for me. The Lord has absolutely solidified my testimony, I have come to know of a surety that Jesus Christ is my Savior and that He lives. That knowledge alone will forever change the decisions that I make throughout my life. I am super excited to share my mission experiences with you soon. Now anybody that knows me will know that I served in the New Mexico Albuquerque Mission, it defines who I am now.
Number #8 principle that I want to share with you that I have learned on my mission:
"Families are central to Gods plan"
As everything is drawing to a close my heart has definitely been broken thinking that I will be leaving the place that has become home, but throughout my mission I have come to know how much my family (each of you) really means to me. I have realized how incredibly lucky I am to have two amazing parents who are devoted to each other and devoted to the gospel, and to helping their kids live it. I have realized how blessed I am to have amazing siblings who have constantly shown their love and support to me throughout my life and who have been such great examples. And Grandparents who have absolutely demonstrated to me what it means to be a disciple of Jesus Christ, and who have devoted their lives to being one. I have come to know that the gospel really does bless and strengthen families! I pray that you feel of my love and my excitement to see you all. I know that there are still so many things for me to come to an understanding of as I continue to live the gospel, and serve in different ways in the church! And I am excited for the adventure that is to come! :)
See you soon! :)

Elder Nicholas Rees Barrus 
Ps ho ho ho Merry Christmas
A bunch of Tongans!!

My nephew Malcolm

My companions

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